"The Railroad Bridge At Argenteuil" (after Monet)

When he was living in Paris, Thierry's favorite pastime was to visit the permanent collection of Impressionism Paintings at the museum. His love for Monet was particularly found a the Musee D'Orsay. There, the discovery of the techniques to create depth in landscapes, seascapes and still life was significant. By following Christie's famous auctions through their brochures and previews, Thierry found of the rarest Monet paintings, "The Railroad Bridge At Argenteuil" ("Le Chemin de Fer à Argenteuil"). Too expensive to buy, yet so beautiful, it inspires Thierry, at the age of 38, to create his first painting, "The Railroad Bridge At Argenteuil" (after Monet). The bridge, the trees, the clouds, the reflections in the river watched by the two friends, are indeed a very interesting subject filled with action and dimension.

Oil on Canvas
signed by the artist
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Original has been Sold
The Railroad Bridge At Argenteuil
Oil on Canvas
June 1998